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Discover the Playwright in you!                                                Ensemble Theatre at Coventry: Education                                                                                                                  Courses given by Ensemble's new Director of Education, Tyler Whidden

                                           TYLER WHIDDEN 
Director of Education
Tyler is a Cleveland-born playwright, actor, and director.  After receiving his BFA in Playwriting from Ohio University, he traveled the country as a stand-up comedian before moving to Chicago.  While in the Windy City, Tyler worked with Victory Gardens and The Neo-Futurists theaters, honing his craft.  He recently earned his MFA from Goddard College and lives in Cleveland. He would like to thank Claudia (whereever you are), Katy Z (for the inspiration), Darrah C and Neil L (for the guidance), and his Goddard and PIB families (for the love and support).  Most importantly, he would like to thank his smoking-hot wife, Angie, for everything."

10 Minutes to History
January 8th-February 26th (Tuesdays 7pm-9pm) (8 weeks)
Ensemble's Stage-Wrights, will offer a "10 minute" play workshop focusing on Ohio Historical Events.  A staged showcase will be presented at the completion of the class. ($125)

One Act History 
January 12th- March 2nd (Saturdays 3pm-5pm) (8 weeks)
Stage-Wrights will offer an advanced "One Act" class focusing on Ohio historical events.  Readings of completed works will be organized during the Colombi New Plays Festival in March. ($125)

These workshops will be partnered with Ensemble's production of "The Gospel According to James" by Charles Smith, Ensemble Advisory Board Member. "The Gospel" is based on historical events in Marion, Indiana in 1930 made infamous by the Lawrence Beitler Photograph.  The workshops will address the journey of a play from conception to production by following the creation of "The Gospel" from commission to successful final product with notes and insights from the playwright Charles Smith and Ensemble dramaturg, Tyler Whidden.

                                                           An ‘Empty Space’ Roundtable                             (January 14th-February 18th, 7pm-9pm)(6 weeks)                      This installment of the wildly successful Ensemble Stage-Wrights Workshop will focus on theory. We will read and discuss the text “The Empty Space: A Book About the Theatre: Deadly, Holy, Rough, Immediate.” By Peter Brook. We will read "The Iceman Cometh" by Eugene O'Neill and use Brook’s theories to provide context and a new framework for discussions. No experience is necessary. You do not have to be a writer to participate in this discussion-based workshop. Actors and Directors are encouraged to enroll.  A copy of Peter Brooks "The Empty Space" and a copy of Eugene O'Neill's "The Iceman Cometh" are included in class fee. ($125)  Taught by Ian Hinz, Director of the Ensemble Production of   "The Iceman Cometh"      

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Ensemble Stage-Wrights Workshops 2013

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Ensemble Theatre believes that the arts are an essential and meaningful part of life. The theatre offers an important forum for stimulating and provoking thought about the issues of contemporary life, and it is a place for communal experience. Introducing future generations to the arts will enlighten them about the human condition and provide them with a resource to nourish them throughout their lives. All art, including theatre, should be a celebration of diversity and human dignity. Ensemble adheres to this credo with a policy of non-traditional casting and by valuing the contributions of all who participate. The theatre strives for the highest possible level of professionalism in all areas to nurture new talent, and to be ever mindful of the power of art to entertain and move the audience.

PLEASE STAY TUNED                                                                                                                       DATES FOR NEW EDUCATION SESSIONS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY.